Finally a program created to help you overcome procrastination with the help of a PowerSister.℠


The most comprehensive program that will walk you through the process of goal setting, action planning, and accountability designed for humans like you.

Let's face it, it's the 1st of the month and you are ready to start tackling those ambitious goals you wrote down. You've been reading the books, the blogs, listening to the talks, attending the seminars, and you have a plan to follow...


Now what? Life happens and your perfectly crafted plan suddenly gets tucked away in your drawer


Have you ever found yourself in that situation? Perhaps it takes a week, sometimes you've created good momentum and it could take a couple of months to fade out. The procrastination bug creeps up on you and these precious intentions suddenly take the back seat. Does that mean these intentions were not important? Or that you suddenly don't care about this? Or does it mean that you are the half-done human? 


No, friend. It is neither of those. These are simply false beliefs we've created in our mind to give us a break when these things happen. The thing is, you are completely capable of completing anything your heart desires. I can tell you from experience. Sometimes we just need a little push to make it happen. 


Thankfully The PowerSisters Method was born to give you that extra layer of support and accountability you need to complete those goals and intentions you have created. 



It is time to accomplish the things you have been wanting to complete. It is time to celebrate your wins, and it is time to feel supported because you're not alone my friend.


There's a strong side of you that knows you're completely capable of completing your goals. 


I felt that too, and I knew I had to do something about it. I created the first PowerSisters meeting. Then the PowerSisters Methodwas born, and now it's here to give you the support you've been craving.

First, let's learn what stage of your PowerSisterjourney you are in.


Take this short quiz and learn your PowerSister stage to determine which program is best for you.



Do you have a project in mind you want to complete with this program?

Thinking about it.

I have started less than 3 years ago and want to build momentum.

I have been doing this for at least 2 years and I want to grow.

I want to expand my existing business and elevate my brand.

Introducing the PowerSisters Method


This is hands down the most comprehensive program to help you with goal-setting, 

Group Coaching Calls!

We get together as a group and go over important topics and allow one PowerSister to get on the hot seat.

Vision Building Workbook

Receive our signature Vision Building Workbook mailed to your door as a welcome packet to kick start your journey.

PowerSister Pairing

We will pair you up with a PowerSister to add an additional layer of accountability that is specifically chosen to match you.

PowerSister Community

We know the power in community, and we didn't want any distractions, so we have a stand alone platform to communicate and ask questions. 



Because I am committed to your success and helping you FINALLY get you to accomplish your intentions in the most powerful way, you will also receive...






Our signature course with proven methods to create the brand you want. 



Be the first to know when new courses and programs will be dropped before anyone else. 



Once you're part of the PowerSisters squad, you also receive 25% off all of our events for the duration of your PowerSister commitment.

WIN A 1-ON-1


Opportunity to win 1-on-1 coaching calls with Pam through the Stay Shining Community.

Are you ready to experience the PowerSisters Method


Straightforward pricing, no secrets and hidden fees ⏤ you can trust us*

*Payments received via Stripe and PayPal.



For those in the IDEA phase


$ 18 / mo

PowerSisters Pairing

Access to the online community

Access to the PowerSisters Method Online Course

Digital copy of the Vision Building Journal


For those in the GROWTH or EXPAND phase


$ 247/ mo

PowerSisters Pairing

Access to the online community

Access to the PowerSisters Method Course

Welcome package including our signature Vision Building Journal

Bi-monthly mastermind calls

Opportunity to get one 1-on-1 focus/coaching call with Pam per month

1-on-1 Coaching

For those who need the extra support


$ 450 / mo

Weekly calls

Access to the online community

Access to the PowerSisters Method Course

Welcome package including our Signature Vision Building Journal





Hi friend, I'm Pam and I would love to be your mentor through your journey.


You see, here's the thing, I am a recovering procrastinator. 


My journey began when one of my college professors told me my work was good, but had I put the time and effort into my project, then the results could have been award worthy. Yes, friend. I was that person that used to say "I work better under pressure," and even my mom would call me the woman of the future because my reoccurring phrase was "I'll start tomorrow."


My first official PowerSisters meeting happened after I quit my corporate job, I needed to create a habit to report my wins with a trusted partner during my entrepreneurial journey. And I haven't looked back since! To this day, I still have a PowerSister and we still hold our PowerSister meetings.


Because I know this works, I want to show you and help you get results like I have.



Enroll in your PowerSister Group!!



2020 is a new decade and you deserve to invest in yourself and elevate your journey in this world. Are you ready?

This experience is created for those serious about getting their life and business to the next level.


This is for those ready to commit to their success and their PowerSister. 


If you're not sure, not ready, and don't feel the need to improve yourself every single day, then this program might not be for you.


However, if you're ready to make this 2020 a powerful one, I'm here for you.

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